What's new on vms.danthonia.com.au?

14 March 2013

+ Ability to set LED screen power switch schedule directly on website: click "LED Terminals", select the terminal radio button, click "More...", and click "Set Power Schedule".
+ New playlist sequencing feature: to make multiple playlists appear in a certain order on the LED screen, simply Edit > Save > Verify&Send the playlists one after the other in the desired order.
+ "Refresh" link for the "snapshot" image. Click the "Online" icon, and click the "Refresh" link below the snapshot image. It may take up to 60 seconds to appear.
+ Ability for users to change their password at any time when logged in: click System > Update User Info > Modify User Password.

27 September 2012

- All "Enter Effects" and "Enter Speeds" have been adjusted for text items and image items. For all Enter Effects, the "Normal" Enter Speed has been adjusted to be a suitable default speed .
- Click on the "Online" icon for your LED sign, and you'll see that the "snapshot" of what is playing on your LED screen is now much larger and readable.
- Performance of the website, particularly the playlist preview, has been improved and is now faster.


12 July 2012

- New playlist "Scheduling" options (days of the week, days of the month) when you click the "Modify Schedule" button in the playlist editor.
- New playlist "Priority" setting. Read more about "Priority".
- New "Create Duplicate Playlist" button on the "Playlist Detail" page.
- Improved time/date and temperature fonts (you'll need to delete your old Time/Date  items and Temperature items from your playlists, add new items to the playlist, Save, and Verify&Send for the improved fonts to take effect on the LED screen).


18 May 2012

New, improved Text Editor
Now you can select text in the editor and choose:
- 4 new fonts
- bold style.
- various text sizes within one paragraph.
Tip: if you want to select all the text in the editor, click anywhere in the text, hold down CTRL and press A. Otherwise just click and drag over the bit of text you want to re-style.

New 'Running Mode' feature: if you want to manually turn off all playlists (LED screen will turn dark), set Running Mode to STOPPED. Set Running Mode to NORMAL to start playing them again.
1. Select the terminal by clicking the Danthonia logo, and select the radio button to the left of the terminal name.
2. Click  the 'More...' button.
3. Click the 'Running Mode' icon.
4. Click on the 'Running Mode' drop-down and select 'Stopped' to stop all playlists (select 'Normal' to start playing them again if the terminal is in 'Stopped' mode).
5. Click 'Commit'. Within one minute the playlists will stop (or start, respectively).
6. After another minute, the terminal will update its statistics on the website, and you'll see that the 'Current Playlist Name' is empty when the terminal is in STOPPED mode, and in NORMAL mode, the Current Playlist name will show.

27 Feb 2012

Now you can fit a lot more text on your LED screen (full-colour and single-colour LED screens).
Here's how: in the text editor, select font size 9 (shown below). This font size will fit the maximum possible characters on your LED screen (keep reading...)

As shown below, after you click OK, click on the text item you just created to see a preview of how the text will actually appear on the LED screen. In the preview (shown below), you'll notice that some words are not wrapping but are split between two lines of text, and other words are wrapping. (Keep reading...)

Here's how to make the words wrap to the next line (see screen capture below):

1. Click 'Edit' on the text item and click just in front of the first word that is split in the preview (the word "text" in the example above). There may be cases in which the first wrapped word is NOT split, but gets onto the next line whole. In this case, do the same: in the editor, click just in front of the word that is wrapping whole.
2. Press the 'Enter' key just once to insert a line break and move the word to the next line in the editor. This will make split words wrap whole when you preview again, and in the case of words that were wrapping whole by default, pressing 'Enter' will make the line breaks in the editor the same as the line breaks in the preview (what-you-see-in-the-editor-is-what-you-get-in-the-preview.)
3. Make all the other lines of text approximately the same length as the first line of text by clicking and pressing Enter to insert line breaks, as shown below. Then click OK.

4. In the playlist, click once again on the text item you just edited to see the preview (shown below). All the words are wrapping now.