Watermark Gypsy Cobs entry sign

Gina Feakins emigrated to Australia with her Watermark Gypsy Cob stud in 2007, bringing some of the world’s most beautiful Gypsy Cobs from the UK. Gina runs her high-quality breeding program at a property which is also home to Australia’s only Fell Pony breeder, the Llancloudy Fell Pony stud.

The treasured equines include beautiful buckskin, dappled, black and piebald ponies with picturesque feathered feet. Gina chose Danthonia to immortalise some of the horses in a custom-designed three-dimensional property sign.

The horses were sculpted and painted by hand, and look as if ready to prance right off the panel. Decorative black ironwork and 23-kt gold gilding add a touch of old-world class.