Tyndale Christian School signage

  • Danthonia used quality materials to produce a great looking product. And their service was helpful & friendly from start to finish.
    Jack Joyce, Principal
    Tyndale Christian School

Danthonia was commissioned to design a new suite of entry and values signs for Tyndale Christian School in Blacktown. The existing signage was not old, but it was beginning to deteriorate and fade. The school also wanted to bring their new branding onto their signage, and to upgrade the old red text LED to something more dazzling.

The LED sign was upgraded with a new header panel and a new P10 resolution LED display that can show text and images in any colour. The software and data connection were also upgraded, and now the school can change messages remotely on a web-based control system, from any device via the secure 4G network.

Promotion of values is important to the school, and these are shown off with sets of 3D totems and wall signage in the school hall. There is a large sculpted school crest in the hall, and an entrance monument with a brick-look section that mirrors the cream coloured bricks used in the school architecture.