The Clog Barn Sign System

You can experience a taste of Holland…in Coffs Harbour. The Clog Barn caravan park offers it all from free clog making classes to a model Dutch village with (you guessed it) miniature working windmills.

Described as “Dutchstralian”, the cuisine is family-friendly at Big Oma’s restaurant. Treat yourself to Frikendellen (Dutch sausage), poffertjes (Dutch pikelets) or a Dutch traveller’s breakfast (available all day) known as Uitsmijter.

The Dutch proprietor of the Clog Barn wanted signs to complement his authentic venue, with plenty of three-dimensional ornamentation. After working through to a concept he was happy with, we carved clogs, tulips, flourishes and even carved the face of the sign in a Dutch-style criss-crossed background.

The signs look like timber, but actually, they’re made of High Density Urethane which is similar to sign-making timbers in many ways, but is for more weatherproof and durable.