Tallowood School Signs

  • We decided to update our school sign as part of a re-branding strategy. We needed a larger, smarter and more visible sign at our school entrance. Our new school sign is an excellent marketing tool. The style and quality of the sign represents the professionalism and dedication of our small school community.

    Megan White, President
    Tallowood School, NSW

These school signs needed to convey the mood of the school. Tallowood is unique in the "child led learning" structure rather than teacher led learning - their children are encouraged to want to learn, to want to be part of a team; they are a small school with buildings made from mud brick and beautiful grounds with plenty of play space. The school is surrounded by gentle hills and dairy farming paddocks with a small creek to the rear of it - this is where the rustic comes in (and the mud brick buildings) BUT still the design needed to be classy... Our designers arrived at the "Tallowood" look for these 2 school signs.