6 March 2010

It's not every day that the artisans here at Danthonia get to sculpt & paint a blue mouse wearing a scarf and driving a classic MGA. Three years ago, however, that's exactly what we did for Ed Montgomery Dental Surgery in Glen Innes.

Inspired by Big Daddy Roth's 'Rat Fink' and British cartoon 'Danger Mouse', this gold-toothed character has been promoting the business on the sign as well as printed marketing material.

'We were not sure what we wanted at first- but Danthonia worked together with us until we had just the right design. We opted for something humorous that would relax our patients and help them to smile when they came for an appointment. This sign does exactly that! and we are very happy with the many positive comments that we are getting.'

But Ed and Deanna Montgomery aren't the only ones who got a kick out of this design. In December, it was featured on the Dental Heroes website as one of Five Inspirational Examples of Dental Practice Signage.

Thankyou, Corey Kemp, for your interesting article on humourous dental signs!

Danthonia's original painting of 'Montgomery Mouse'

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