School Directional Signs

School Directional Signs
  • There was much confusion at our school as to where visitors should go, so we consulted Danthonia. Now, our signs provide clear directions for navigating the school. We couldn't be happier.'

    Danny Squires, Principal
    Beverly Hills Public School

Here’s an all-to-familiar scenario: you pull into the car park for a first-time appointment at a school (or other venue). You get out of your car. Now what? Which direction do you go? Your meeting is scheduled to start in five minutes…

A sign pointing to Reception would make all the difference. Good wayfinding and directional signs will create a positive experience for prospective parents and visitors to your school. We develop, design and implement signage strategies that provide clear directions for navigating school campuses. Our sign systems not only brand the school consistently, but improve the 'user experience’ from pre-arrival to departure.

When schools are rebranding, expanding or developing, they (and often their architects) engage us to update their interior and exterior signs ranging from classroom door signs to the main entry statement. We conduct a general audit of the existing signs and then plan, design, manufacture and install a new sign system. 

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