School Value Signs

School Value Signs
  • We didn't anticipate just how all-encompassing our school value pencils have actually become. Our pencils are now an integral part of the fabric of the school.

    Michael Rathborne, Principal
    Batlow Technology School

How do you weave your school's core values into the daily fabric of school life? As part of their strategy to make values like persistence and resilience a part of every day, principals are asking us to create larger-than-life visual reminders.

The best ideas come from you – we just make them happen. At first, a school asked us to create giant pencils. Another commissioned larger-than-life ‘Keys to Success’. Our favourites, so far, are the motivational didgeridoos painted by a local artist. Contact us to tell us your ideas.

Fabricated from waterproof, seamless materials and coated with a tough, hammer-proof finish, these durable sculptures withstand both the weather and the wear and tear of the school yard.