Suncoast Christian College LED monument and directional signs

Suncoast Christian College was established on a pineapple plantation near Nambour around 1977, for the sole purpose of providing quality Christian education to children in the area. Their first signs were only flat pieces of painted board – they have come a long way in terms of the premium facilities, increased opportunities, growing enrolments, and now, outstanding signage.

This full colour LED display sign enjoys a prominent spot in the centre of the main carpark shared by the Suncoast Church and the College. Not only a symbol of the college’s pride, the sign serves to convey important messages and congratulate students on achievements, as well as post church notices.

Two consistent directional signs direct visitors and parents around the campus. Danthonia sent our photographer airborne to get detailed shots of the college campus before designing the sophisticated map featured on these signs. Each sign has dimensional elements, further strengthening the quality statement.