St Bede's College Mentone signs

St Bede’s College has a large campus on the shore of Port Phillip in the picturesque Melbourne suburb of Mentone. Large playing fields nestle next to the red-brick buildings, and just beyond lie the beach and the waters of the Bay. St Bede’s is conducted by the De La Salle Brothers.

St Bede’s is located near two other large school campuses, and the College recently saw the need to upgrade their signage to strengthen identity and make wayfinding easier for visitors. Danthonia reviewed the site to make recommendations on type of sign, location and size, collaborating with the College to get the best result for budget and effectiveness.

These signs, in the bold primary colours of the St Bede’s logo, also feature the De La Salle star which alludes to the school’s heritage. The materials are well suited to withstand the coastal environment, and are resistant to graffiti and significant impact, which is important: two of the signs are located on the perimeter of the sports ovals.