De La Salle College sign system

  • We recently finished a major building project and the building we replaced had carried most of our signage. We really didn’t have any effective signage on the site. When I saw Danthonia’s promotion booklet, it looked like they were pretty much the market leaders in the school signs business. Danthonia’s impressive signage seems to promote a message of “We are a quality organisation. We know what we are on about and have been doing it for a lengthy time”.

    Now that our Danthonia signs are installed, we believe that we have the very latest in digital signage and this helps reinforce the dual message of having the very latest and up-to-date technology along with the traditional values from our proud long-lived history, e.g. college crest and motto.

    The biggest advantage of an LED message board is the convenience and professional presentation. We display upcoming events, parent-teacher arrangements, notable achievements and photographs of students and staff.

    Michael Barrington, Principal
    De La Salle College

A few signs in this school sign system include a full-colour LED sign, a single-colour LED sign plus a map sign and gable sign. Electronic signs can display text, numbers, graphics, animated gifs, jpegs, bmp, tifs and png files. Full colour screens support most digital video and image formats. Messages on digital signs are changed from anywhere at any time using the mobile device of your choice. Changing your LED sign will take as much time as it takes to read this sentence.