John Colet School Belrose Signage

John Colet School, an early years and primary school in leafy Belrose, had its beginnings when a group of Sydney parents came together to study in the School of Practical Philosophy. Deciding they wanted to educate their children to be open minded and informed about different value structures and paths of thought, both in Eastern and Western culture, they founded this unique school which has continued to grow.

The primary students at John Colet take advantage of an ambitious curriculum, with Shakespeare, Sanskrit, music including Handel’s ‘Messiah’, meditation and memorising the times tables being just a slice of what’s on offer. In the school’s philosophy, children must not be “talked down” to, but encouraged to do more than they are expected. Students even enjoy a sit-down, home-cooked gourmet vegetarian meal each day with the staff.

The school believes kids need to be in a beautiful space to be able to learn, so along with a program of capital works, they commissioned Danthonia to create their signage. Instead of introducing a different style to their existing array of entrance and way-finding signs, we came up with this bold and striking colour palette to complement the wings-and-rays theme of the school crest. This concept is applied to signs throughout the school.