Shelford Girls Grammar signage

When Shelford Girls’ Grammar in Caulfield noticed their signs did not reflect their image accurately, they approached Danthonia to review their campus signage. In addition to creating a consistent and attractive ambience, the new signs were to discreetly direct visitors, deliveries and parents to their destinations. Shelford’s campus is not enormous, yet good way-finding on any campus is key to minimising the confusion of a first-time encounter.

Danthonia’s consultant formed a signage strategy, the design team put forward concepts featuring the cherished Shelford crest in 3D, production took three weeks, and the project was rounded off by a seamlessly managed installation as part of the package. Close communication with Marketing meant each detail of the sign design was thought through and true to the brand.

Shelford’s directional sign panels are easily changeable, yet have a seamless exterior, making them both elegant and practical.