Kingsway Christian College entry signs

  • As soon as we installed our Danthonia monument signage, it started turning heads. We became more visible and people began to pay more attention to the college. Our new image has been attracting more enrolments which are now at a record high. There is a renewed sense of pride within our school community and photographs of the new front entry statement will feature in future publications, including the new prospectus. I congratulate Danthonia Designs for your very high level of service and professionalism.

    Ruston Long, Marketing & Enrolments Manager
    Kingsway Christian College

Kingsway Christian College was established by four families over twenty years ago. When enrolment surpassed 1,100, it became clear that school signage was not keeping pace, so Kingsway picked up the phone and asked Danthonia to design an entry statement: something new, something grand. This soaring monument structure, VH grade EPS coated in high impact elastomer urethane polymer, now welcomes students, staff, visitors and prospective parents to Kingsway Christian College. The Kingsway entry sign won 1st place for Commercial Monument Signs in Signs of the Times Magazine - 2012 International Sign Contest