Emmanuel College Carrara monument sign

Emmanuel College, a Gold Coast Christian school, is located on spacious grounds in Carrara. The College saw a need to identify their school to motorists on Birmingham Road, which passes the ovals at a distance from the school buildings. In such a large, open space, a truly monumental sign was needed to be effective and eye-catching enough to serve its intended purpose.

The College approached us to meet their needs with this monument sign. Standing six metres tall, it features a 1.4m tall school crest, 3D school name lettering and the college ‘compass’ symbol as a watermark. To add further interest, we incorporated a ‘wave’ into the blue portion of the sign’s main body. This design flexibility was made possible by the unique urethane-coated EPS structure of our monument signs.

Emmanuel now has a masterpiece of advertising that will last them for many years to come.