Mudgee College Message Board sign

  • Our new sign is up, and it looks great. We're getting a lot of positive feedback. It's really good to be able to change messages to suit the event. We are next door to the Australian Rural Education Centre who recently hosted the National Historical Machinery Rally, which had an expected attendance of 15,000, so we were able to advertise our upcoming chemical accreditation course on our message board. The readability is good.

    Samantha Cosgrove, Campus Administrator, Mudgee College

Drivers passing Mudgee College at 100 km/h were having a hard time reading their sign. The college needed a big, bold entry statement with a message board to advertise courses and significant events. Danthonia Designs provided them with a striking dimensional design that was both within budget and large enough to meet their requirements. Announcements are easily posted with the magnetic letters and kept safe by the lockable polycarbonate cover.