Balaklava Primary School Sign

  • The sign is ideal- it not only compliments our heritage building but makes a statement through our motto & graphics, about our vision for the students today. As we are in our 130th year of proudly serving Balaklava and the surrounding communities, we marked the unveiling with a 130th birthday celebration- our cake also had our motto graphic on top. We were very impressed with the textured motto, as the students can touch it, and the embossed interlocking BPS really is stunning in full sunlight. The magnetic message board is easy to use and the pin up board on the back is sealed- so those stray posters just don't fly away any more.

    Dale Gathercole
    Balaklava Primary School

The Balaklava Primary schools sign was designed by Danthonia to make it possible for the school to post messages in the lockable message board. They can promote whatever they want using the magnetic letters supplied by Danthonia or their own posters. The staff and students love their sign.