Rosebank Cottage Interpretive Signs

Rosebank Cottage has a rich history, going back to the 1800s and the dawn of Australian colonial history. Built by William Charles Rumery, a successful orchardist, this beautiful cottage has been preserved throughout the years, as Sydney’s suburbs grow around it.

Recently, Goldmate Group undertook a full historical restoration of the Cottage as part of a redevelopment of the site to include a child-care centre and a café. The restoration process took great care in preserving the original details in the cottage and the outbuildings, which are full of character. Goldmate approached Danthonia to design and produce a suite of interpretive signage to complement the heritage site.

These ten freestanding double-sided interpretive signage panels tell the story of Rosebank Cottage, and of the wider region – including local industry, agriculture, Indigenous heritage, and details of early colonial life. The rich deep brown and brick red selected by Danthonia’s design team blend seamlessly into the lovingly restored environment, complementing the textures and colours of these century-old buildings perfectly.

Danthonia Designs delivered the signage under tight time constraints to meet client requirements.