Radford College LED and map signs

  • Our principal wanted a message board that was versatile, would last a long time, and was easy to read and use. We got a Danthonia LED sign and it fits the bill.

    Getting a message up in a few minutes is an enormous advantage. Many messages we post now would never make the board if it were manual.

    Anybody in the school can e-mail our public relations manager with messages and she decides when and how long to run the announcement. In the morning and afternoon we display the really crucial messages.

    It is an extremely useful tool and parents are pleased about it. All educational and sporting events, information evenings and concerts are announced on the board. For example, during the weekend fete, we post parking instructions and road messages with directions.

    Robert Harris, Facilities Manager
    Radford College

A prestigious school situated in the Australian capital city, Radford College required a sign that portrayed both strong traditional values with use of modern technology. Danthonia was chosen to bring the two together in this hand-crafted branding sign with LED message display. An electronic sign is safer and easier to update than magnetic message board signs.