Newstead Property Sign

How many Australians will recognise the famous painting “the Golden Fleece (Shearing at Newstead)”? Just about every last one. This painting and many others were painted by the legendary artist Tom Roberts in the Inverell area, including The Golden Fleece which was painted at Newstead’s original wool shed.

Newstead is an historic property, and was a classic sheep station in its day, functioning almost as a small village in its own right. It had a homestead, the centre of local social activity, shearers’ quarters, woolsheds, tennis courts and even its own chapel and cemetery. We crafted this special sign for the property which just happens to be right across the road from our workshop in Elsmore, NSW.

The timber panel features a 3D sculpted and gilded pair of old-style shearing clippers – what could be better to symbolize the property which inspired “The Golden Fleece”.