High-Density Urethane

High Density UrethaneA waterproof, insect-proof and fire retardant closed-cell foam, HDU carves, paints and machines like timber. It is the same density as wood with comparable dent resistance. Weathering is superior to timber in exterior applications as HDU will not crack, split, swell or rot in the elements. Danthonia’s (Signfoam3) HDU is comprised of up to 16% recycled material. Most Danthonia signage panels are comprised of HDU laminated with 3M adhesives to a PVC backing for added density and impact resistance. Should minor damage occur, HDU can be easily repaired on-site using standard autobody materials. Should major damage occur sign panels can be detached from the post system and refurbished off-site. Danthonia is the sole importer of Signfoam3 HDU into Australia.

Acrylic Paints

Waterborne acrylic paintsDulux Weathershield water-based 100% acrylic paints have extremely high levels of adhesion, UV resistance and colour-fastness. Weathershield's unique MaxiFlex stretch technology offers a tough flexible finish and will not flake, blister or peel. Weathershield colours have long-lasting mineral pigments and will show no significant fading for 10-12 years.

Powder-Coated Aluminium Posts

Aluminium PostDanthonia posts and fixings are custom-extruded marine-grade aluminium. Our rust-free, scratch-resistant, powder-coated post systems are engineered to withstand a 100-yr wind event. When frangibility is required we incorporate our frangible couplings. These omni-directional, maintenance-free, breakaway brackets meet all road authority requirements for frangibility.


Mackay monument sign lit at nightWe offer a stand-alone solar lighting system. It consists of solar collectors, batteries, controllers and lights designed to illuminate entry signs. This system charges its batteries during the day and turns the lights on when it gets dark. The lights can be programmed to stay on for a set number of hours after dark and turn on again a set number of hours before sunrise the following morning, so conserving battery power during the low travel time of night. The lights are waterproof, energy efficient compact LED fixtures. The LED bulbs are a 12-volt DC very long life item and should last for about 10 years. They are replaceable. The deep-cycle gel cell battery provides trouble-free service for several years. The solar collectors used in this system have a 25-year life expectancy, with little reduction in output toward the end of this period. No service is usually required other than ensuring that the collector surface remains clean, and undamaged.

Retro Reflective Coating

Retro Reflective CoatingWhen incise-carved or 3D-shaped sign components require retro-reflectivity we apply Reflect-All, a light reflective paint that can be applied to any surface. Reflective microbeads capture, intensify and reflect light back to the source resulting in night time visibility.

Monolithic Entry Statements

Monolithic Entry StatementAn internal aluminium post structure is enveloped in waterproof EPS foam, then shaped and finished with layers of impact-resistant polyurethane hard-coat. This coating is so tough it is 'hammer proof.' Give us a ring to request a sample and take a hammer to it! These monolithic structures are designed to flex and stretch with weather changes. They do not settle and crack like ordinary masonry walls. Monuments are factory assembled, delivered in one piece and bolted to pre-poured engineered footings.

Frangible Posts

Frangible pole hinge plateWe offer an omni-directional breakaway support system for ground-mounted signs located within roadside clear zones and other locations vulnerable to vehicular impacts. The hardware provides a high structural load-carrying capacity and superior safety performance. This unique break-away hardware system is used widely in the USA and is currently approved for use in QLD, VIC and WA. Specific projects using this system have also been approved in SA . We are committed to a high level of customer service and our engineers prepare certified structural plans and assist with obtaining approvals from State Highway Departments.

Graffiti Coatings

Spraying anti-graffiti coatingWe finish our signage with a two-pack clear anti-graffiti coating designed for the protection of painted signage and a range of other surfaces. It is classified within the “permanent type” of anti-graffiti coatings as it withstands repeated graffiti cleaning cycles before reapplication is required. ‘Easy Off' is our recommended graffiti remover; but most commercially available graffiti removers should be adequate. Signs coated with this finish are exceptionally cleanable. Most bird droppings and road grime will rinse off during a normal rainfall.

Cast Polyurethane

Supercast Rigid Polyurethane is used for all moulded dimensional signage components. This material is weatherproof and extremely impact resistant.

Map Signs

Custom map signThe map is a digitally printed aluminium panel. It is printed with outdoor-grade UV resistant inks designed for outside use in Australia. It also has a graffiti proof protective coating.