Nambour Christian College Sign System

  • As part of the new branding for the college, Nambour Christian College engaged Danthonia to design entrance signage that would be compatible with, yet cater for, the distinct identities of the school and the AOG church that share the same entrance. The signs have a real presence and have drawn many favourable comments from both the school and church communities. The sign locations had a number of real challenges; however, Danthonia was able to come up with an excellent solution and we are delighted with the end result.

    John Collins
    Director of Marketing & Community Relations

Nambour Christian College has branded their two schools and affiliated church with Danthonia's robust, colourful monuments. We collaborated on designs to create a unifying sign system that brands NCC and assists with way-finding. Church and School entry statements create a sense of place, while a printed aluminium map of the campus helps to orient first-time visitors and streetpole signs direct pedestrian traffic at key decision points around the school.