Wurundjeri River of Mists interpretive sign for Boroondara City Council

The Wurundjeri people are the original inhabitants of the Melbourne area. The tribe has a strong storytelling culture. Many Wurundjeri stories describe how the geography of the area was formed long ago.

One such story is a tale of two adventurous boys who, while searching for wattle gum to chew, accidentally upset an old man from his long sleep. The old man decides to teach the boys a lesson. Bunjil, the eagle, comes to their rescue but not before the boys' frightened tears falling into the tracks of the old man have formed the river we now know as the Yarra.

This tough interpretive sign panel is placed in one of the City of Boroondara's many lovely parks and shares the story of the Yarra's birth in the words of elder Joy Wandin Murphy.

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