Glen Innes Australian Standing Stones signage

Glen Innes, a village in the Northern Tablelands region of NSW is known as ‘Celtic Country’, and is the home of a monument dedicated to all Australians of Celtic descent: the Australian Standing Stones.

Glen Innes was selected as the lucky spot as part of a competition, after a group of local citizens and councillors put forward a proposal to replicate the Ring of Brodgar in the Orkneys, in rural Australia. Their proposal was successful, but they didn’t secure any funding to make it a reality. Against the odds, a group of local men made it happen, breaking off the 5m chunks of rock and hauling them to the site from the surrounding bushland.

The Australian Standing Stones have become a rallying point for Celtic Australians and each year, the famous Celtic Festival is held there. These signs add to the Celtic ambience and inform visitors about Glen Innes’ Celtic heritage and the meaning in the Standing Stones. The interpretive sign includes a sturdy roof to keep the sign, and tourists, dry.