Boroondara City Council Environmental Interpretive signs

Koonung Creek and Willsmere Billabong are two of the bodies of water along the Yarra River that are the focus of Boroondara City Council’s efforts to get local biodiversity closer to its original state.

Koonung Creek, a Yarra tributary, had become one of Melbourne’s most polluted creeks, while Willsmere, one of a few original billabongs from before the area was settled, was threatened by a planned new cycle path and bridge. Then Council decided to turn things around. Council hopes that by establishing reserves and encouraging native wildlife, these patches of bushland can flourish once again, providing opportunities for families and bushwalkers to experience Victorian wildlife close to home. Creating community awareness of local flora and fauna through interpretive signage is important to achieving this goal.

Boroondara approached Danthonia again to fabricate the interpretive signs for Willsmere Billabong and the Koonung Creek Wetlands. These signs feature tough, digitally printed aluminium panels mounted to rust-proof aluminium posts and ‘totems’. The larger totems were treated with a Corten weathered-steel effect, which blends in with the reserves’ natural colours and patterns while providing exceptional durability.

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