Park Signs

Park Signs
  • We are thrilled with the expertise and craftsmanship of Danthonia. Our new signs are stylish and unique and depict at a glance the character of each site. We look forward to installing more park signs in the near future.'

    Janyce McMurtrie, Environment Co-ordinator Boroondara City Council

Does the signage in and around your parks and gardens welcome visitors and communicate all your council has to offer? What about their appearance - do they do justice your beautiful reserves and walking trails?

Councils come to Danthonia when they notice that their park signage has become weather-beaten or a hodgepodge of inconsistent styles. We create council-wide wayfinding solutions of directional, site identification and interpretive signs. Signs assist and orient visitors, complement the natural beauty of each setting and consistently promote the council brand. They are also exceptionally weatherproof and vandal resistant.

Contact us to discuss upgrading your park signage.