Etheridge Council Town entry signs

  • Danthonia Designs signs are amazing and each piece becomes a real talking point for locals and visitors alike.

    Peter Gregory, Manager Building, Planning and Community Facilities
    Etheridge Shire Council

Etheridge is located in the Gulf Savannah region of far north Queensland. We've partnered with them on several projects.

Danthonia designed signage for the four main communities in the shire: Georgetown, Forsayth, Einasleigh and Mt Surprise. These unique and distinctive signs will welcome visitors and residents to the area.

These signs were sculpted by hand from EPS foam, then coated in a resilient hammer-proof coating that can withstand hammer blows as well as the daily wear and tear signs go through. The tree trunks were hand-painted by Danthonia artisans, giving the impression of weathered wood, but retaining the longevity of the material. With no seams or external fixings, these signs look just like real trees - at least, they won't begin to rot and fall apart like real stumps would.