Seymour town entry signs

  • A good town entry sign does three things: it says which town you're driving into, it welcomes you to the town and it looks good. Our new Danthonia signs do all this and more. People driving through Seymour comment on how great they look, and the local community - including the Visitor Information Centre - has given us a lot of positive feedback.

    What made us choose Danthonia Designs? I told the Danthonia team what I needed and got exactly what I was looking for in the first design. It went through community consultation and remained the most popular design. The colours are beautiful - the combination of the wood effect and royal blue work together to make a very classy sign. It's the perfect size: there is a lot of open space around Seymour and anything smaller would have been lost.

    Why invest in a quality sign? Our previous wood signs didn't last long. Our new signs are built to meet the challenges of bushfires, grass fires, graffiti and vandalism as well as the usual weathering. A sign like this may outlive me. It would be difficult for anyone to find a better product.

    David Power, Coordinator Economic Development and Tourism
    Mitchell Shire Council

Seymour, named by Thomas Mitchell after the British parliamentarian Lord Seymour, was established in 1839 at the crossing of the Goulburn River on the Melbourne-Sydney route (now known as the Hume Highway) where an inn was first built.

The embossed tree graphic along with the curved lines represents the beautiful wooded area and the Seymour Trail. You could interpret these lines as a 'wandering' trail and the river as well. The top curved shape is a 'nod' to the Goulburn River and leads the viewer's eye down to the main town name. The wood look is replicated in the base and constructed of vandal proof material.

Signs placed close to a State controlled road need to be frangible. This simply means, as a safety measure, that they will give when impacted by an errant vehicle. Signs placed further away from the road are harder to see and maintain.

These signs are fitted with patented maintenance free, omni-directional breaksafe mounting couplings. The couplings will break away quickly and cleanly on impact resulting in a minimum of damage to both property and passenger, regardless of angle of impact. The system is one of the safest in use anywhere and has approval from the state road authority.