Geelong frangible LED sign

Greater Geelong City Council wanted an LED billboard to promote events, emergency service messages, fire and water restrictions, road closures and more. Danthonia supplied this full-colour screen which can be updated from any device with internet access.

Installation was challenging. First, because the road reserve had the whole gamut of services including a high-pressure gas main, the sign was made extra wide to straddle the line with the required clearance. Then power was brought to the site by tunnelling under the road. Since the site is located along the busy Princes Highway, VicRoads safety requirements mandated that the sign be frangible. A frangible sign “gives” when hit by a vehicle to minimise damage and injuries. Danthonia utilised our omni-directional frangible system, which functions regardless of the angle of impact. Finally, the power feed to the sign needed a special disconnect compatible with these break-away posts.

Danthonia worked with Council and with VicRoads to make the project a success.