Ipswich City Council boundary signs

Ipswich City Council wanted to identify their boundaries on motorways leading into the city. Danthonia designed, supplied and installed these four monolithic signs, located on the Centenary Motorway, the Warrego Highway, the Cunningham Highway and the Logan Motorway.

The signs are 2.4m wide by 4.3m tall, and feature Council’s name and logo as well as the symbols of the traditional Aboriginal owners of the land. They have retro-reflective text, to keep the key wording efficiently illuminated by night.

The locations on 4 major motorways necessitated night installation, a feat requiring close cooperation of all parties. Sloping ground at some sites required custom concrete piers to elevate the signs into the driver’s line of sight. In addition, one of the signs was required to be frangible, or be constructed to safely break off should it be struck by a vehicle.

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