Coorong District Council entry signs

The Coorong is one of Australia’s natural wonders and has become a national icon. It encompasses more than 130 kilometres of nearly untouched salt water lagoons and sand dunes on the South Australian coast, and is a haven to migratory birds from across the globe, marine life such as the Coorong Mullet, and many unique and beautiful plant species. It’s an important cultural area to local Aboriginal tribes as well, and was a rich food source to the traditional owners of the land. The unofficial emblem of the Coorong is the Australian pelican, which uses the park in large numbers as a breeding ground in the spring months.

Coorong District Council has, not surprisingly, adopted the pelican as its emblem. When Council approached Danthonia to design a new suite of shire boundary signs, our designers suggested including the pelican as a prominent feature. Our artisans sculpted the pelicans by hand out of Sign Foam 3, using traditional hand chisels, knives and wire brushes to create the wood effect on the pelican’s perch. The sculptures were hand painted. The colours and curves of the sign panel suggest the undulating coastline and lagoon shores of the region. The region’s undisturbed and serene quality is suggested by the motto “room to move - room to play.”

Since these signs are located within the road’s clear zone, we supplied the posts with frangible hardware for the safety of motorists.