Inverell SC Visitor Centre LED Sign

  • Our Danthonia LED sign is a great investment. Located at the entrance to our Visitor Information Centre - a focal point for the community - the sign looks fantastic and does its job perfectly. We use it not only for tourism but for road closures and flood warnings as well. In that way the sign is part of the emergency system for the Inverell Central Business District.

    Our LED sign is a great communication tool for delivering a wide range of messages to the community and visitors - something we didn't have before. Messages can be posted quickly; you can change information within seconds. The response from Councillors and the community is very positive. Great project!

    Ken Beddie, Director Corporate & Economic Services
    Inverell Shire Council

There's always something on in Inverell, and Council needed an effective tool to let everyone know what's on - instantly and effortlessly. Their Visitor Information Centre - a hub of activity - was the perfect location, and Danthonia Designs was happy to be their local supplier. The Inverell Visitor Centre LED sign is a great example of just how versatile such a sign can be.