Yaburara Heritage Trail sign

  • Our Danthonia trail entrance signs are the talk of the town. As part of the recent signage upgrade, they capture the essential character of the Yaburara Heritage Trail. We have very stark, rugged, desert-like surroundings and the signs fit in but stand out at the same time.

    Choosing a supplier was a no-brainer. No other company could provide us with the calibre of signage Danthonia offered. We weren't driven by price; we were driven by the end product. In a cyclone-rated zone, we are glad to know that our new signs are engineered for it.

    It was so easy to work with Danthonia Designs. At first, we weren't exactly sure what we wanted, but the team got a design package together for us that everyone was happy with. I like knowing that our signs are unique - the designs will not be duplicated anywhere else. They have given the Yaburara Heritage Trail more presence as a tourist attraction.

    Kate Bach, Project Officer
    City of Karratha

We've partnered with the City of Karratha on a number of occasions, including this sign for the Yaburara Heritage Trail.

The trail is a grade 4 walk and is is recommended for experienced bushwalkers.

The sign is designed to fit well into the environment, with red and orange tones complete with an artist rendered sandstone look. Watermarks subtley give reference to the rich Aboriginal heritage of the area, while the fonts and striped line tie in the trail's marketing as seen in the brochure.