Tiwi Islands Regional Council signage

The Tiwi Islands are well known for the intricate and vibrant sculptures of birds created by its indigenous people who are believed to have inhabited the islands for over 7000 years. Council governs the two main islands, Melville and Bathurst, as well as nine smaller uninhabited islands. Council runs a range of facilities at the main settlements of Wurrumiyanga, Pirlangimpi and Milikapiti.

Council approached us to create signage to identify the main facilities across the two islands including a creche, pools, council depots, workshops, community halls, gyms and most importantly, ovals for the islanders’ beloved Australian Rules football.

Tiwi art often features detailed cross-hatching and dots. This artwork style has become integrated into the Tiwi Islands Regional Council logo, which our artists reproduced on the signage by hand.