Sandalwood Villas sign

  • Our Sandalwood Villas sign arrived earlier than we expected and in time for Opening Day! We installed it ourselves and Danthonia's instructions were very helpful. The three-dimensional sign looks beautiful and fits perfectly with the fence and houses.

    I'm not a designer, so all I do is tell the Danthonia team, "This is what we need," and they come up with something fantastic!

    If you invest in a quality sign, you don't have to worry about ongoing maintenance. The Danthonia signs we installed years ago still look great. We sourced quotes from local companies for metal signs, but the paint soon fades and peels and you have to replace them. It's worth the extra you pay for a really durable sign. In the end you save.

    Pam Hull, Community Services Officer
    Shire of Broomehill-Tambellup

Broomehill Tambellup Shire Council was looking for a new sign for some senior units that were opening soon. We received the request with just over 3 weeks to go to the opening day. The sign needed to be designed in colours to match the architecture of the new building. It then needed to be fabricated with elegant layering and carved letters. Shipping took 9 days but the sign was still installed on time for the opening day.