Merrylands Sports Oval Scoreboard

  • Our rugby league players are over the moon about the new LED scoreboard and so are the visiting teams that regularly play the home teams. The rest of us are more than happy with it too. It is easy to operate and you can control the scoreboard from wherever you are standing within the Ovals area. The modular makeup of the scoreboard makes it so straightforward to repair “sport activity” damage to the screen's panels that any layman could do it.

    It's adaptable too. Recently, for the Australian Vigoro Championship, the group adapted the cricket scoring package for the sport of vigoro.
    The product is good; the service and backup are impeccable. Before they launched into the project, Danthonia came out, assessed the site and took the time to do the legwork necessary to make sure everything was going to work.

    Robert Poulter, Building Engineer
    Holroyd City Council

Holroyd City Council was looking to replace an out of date manual scoring system at their heavily used sports oval in Merrylands. They needed an electronic scoreboard that could allow instant communication of scores to viewers, as well as provide an opportunity to sell advertising during events to generate funding for the continuing activities at the oval.

Danthonia Designs was commissioned with the project to supply and install the 5.76m by 2.24m scoreboard. The full colour LED screen has a P-10 resolution and can be used to display scores from numerous sports including cycling, cricket and rugby. A wireless communication method was used to connect the sign to the scoring computer. The scoreboard also has the potential to use software integrated to the Cricket Australia website allowing for scores and player statistics from the game to be uploaded directly to this site.