Hinkler Hall of Aviation electronic dsiplay sign

  • Our Danthonia LED sign is terrific! It's installed in a public spot in the Bundaberg Botanic Garden and fits the architecture of our museum. It really looks like it belongs.

    We needed something to catch people's attention as they walk out of the car park and look around. That's exactly what our LED sign is doing. With the web-based software, we can program our announcements ahead of time. All we have to do is type and schedule messages and they play exactly when we want them to.

    It's been an exciting project - our LED sign has enhanced the collaboration with our other stakeholders operating within the Botanic Gardens. We are sharing the use of the message board with the Botanic Garden Precinct Group, and they are happy because they'll be able to announce who is getting married within the gardens for example and post events. Already there has been key tourism event, because it was posted on the LED screen everyone had their photo taken standing underneath the sign, this will be great for our branding.

    Danthonia had already done a design for this project when I started working with them, so it was made to order and looked so good that I didn't change a thing. Putting up an LED sign is not something you do every week or even every year, but Danthonia's engineering and installation instructions made everything simple for planning and for the installers. It's a one-stop shop.

    Liz McNeill, Tourism Manager
    Bundaberg Regional Council

The Hinkler Hall of Aviation was built to celebrate and honour the life and pioneering efforts of Bundaberg’s own aviation pioneer, Bert Hinkler.

This sign was designed to reflect the architecture of the purpose built centre.

This LED message board can be updated from any computer, anywhere at any time. It also has no ongoing data costs and required no data or software installations.