Etheridge Shire Council Georgetown Student Hostel sign

  • Danthonia Designs signs are amazing and each piece becomes a real talking point for locals and visitors alike.

    Peter Gregory, Manager Building, Planning and Community Facilities
    Etheridge Shire Council

Etheridge Shire Council and Danthonia Designs have paired up on more than one occasion to deliver imaginative and extremely tough signage for their town entries, facilities and historic sites. It's always an enjoyable challenge for our team of designers and artisans when a client brings us a fresh idea requiring us to tackle something we've never tackled before.

This time, Council needed a sign for the student hostel in Georgetown. The hostel hosts kids who have to travel long distances to get their education at Georgetown State School. This sign marries artist-painted faux rocks with a completely hand-painted artwork of an artist's impression of the hostel building, spanning the entire sign beneath individual letters that were formed separately and applied after the artists had completed the painting.

This quirky and visually interesting sign will become a landmark to children who have to leave home, at least temporarily, to study at Georgetown.