Cossack Heritage Trail Sign

Cossack: a town of the Pilbara pioneers, an early sea port, a centre for pearling, a ghost town…and now, a draw for tourists from around the world. With its heavy, arched stone buildings, Cossack has seen a gold rush, a turtle soup factory and a leprosy hospital come and go. Today, this dead village with its rich but patched past appeals to history buffs and those who love the desolate Pilbara.

The City of Karratha refurbished some of Cossack’s old stone buildings as historical attractions, and asked Danthonia to create an exceptionally durable sign for the Cossack heritage trail to complement their existing range of park signs. Visitors can scan the QR code on the sign, the graphic design of which alludes to the startling blue sea, to view the town's history and information about the walking track.

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