Murilla Local Government Sign System

  • Danthonia Designs provided us with the solutions that we were after. Their expertise and added efforts provided the Murilla Shire Council with signage that have a unified look but highlight the unique and historic aspect of each town. We are very proud of our new town entry signs and are very thankful for the effort that Danthonia staff contributed to such a successful project.

    Wayne Osburn
    Special Projects Officer, Murilla Shire Council

Murilla Shire Council was looking for new and exciting entry signage to the four towns in the region. All town entries were produced using the towns unique icon. The Miles sign was produced using the icon of the Dogwood Crossing Building; The Condamine sign notable for the historic Condamine Bell; The Drillham sign represents the excellent cattle industry by displaying a Hereford Bull and last of all Dulacca, this sign displays an emu as the word Dulacca means emu foot prints.