Coober Pedy District Council Visitor Information Centre LED sign

  • Danthonia has been great to work with. Right from the start, the staff were friendly and very efficient. Our council's new digital noticeboard sign was designed, created and delivered as promised - and without fuss. It is a great addition to the front of the council buildings and our Visitor Information Centre and the potential for promoting our region and events is almost limitless.

    Clair Halkias, Event Officer
    District Council of Coober Pedy

The Event Officer for Coober Pedy District Council recognised the huge potential in an electronic noticeboard and asked Danthonia to submit a sign proposal. Her brief to us was to design an LED sign that would allow her to advertise upcoming events and activities. The officer contacted all the groups in council to let them know that they could also take advantage of this sign. For example, the Youth and Child Divisions could promote holiday programs, the Conservation Program could post announcements and Tourism could expand their advertising through a new LED sign.

Danthonia proposed a sign that depicts the recognisable mullock heaps and the world-famous opal. The 'rough and ready' font and the eye-catching opal seam all combines to signpost one of the most unique towns in the Australian outback.