Local Government Signs

Local Government Signs
  • A sign like this may outlive me. It would be difficult for anyone to find a better product.'

    David Power, Economic Development & Tourism
    Mitchell Shire Council

Danthonia Designs is a national provider of signage solutions for local governments. We have provided over 140 city and regional councils with electronic and place branding signs. We take care of every aspect of a sign project: planning, design, manufacturing, site logistics, installation and after-sales service.

Our unique fabrication methods give you great designs and exceptional durability at a reasonable fabrication cost. Our signs are long-lasting, low-maintenance and vandal-resistant. This minimises whole-of-life costs, giving you excellent value for money.

We are a pre-qualified supplier to local government authorities in every state.
QLD & NT - LOCAL BUY contract BUS 244-0314
NSW, VIC, TAS and SA - Procurement Australia
contract 1407/0316
WA - WALGA contract C004/16
These contracts give you discounted pricing and spare you the cost and effort of preparing and evaluating tenders.

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