Little Snail Restaurant Signs

“In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.”
― Julia Child

Those who are serious about French cuisine will love The Little Snail in harbourside Pyrmont, Sydney. And especially their escargot.

The Little Snail Restaurant & Bar specialises in catering for French palates, and can host up to 200 guests for a function. They haven’t forgotten the kids with their special children’s menu, but for the more mature tastes, there’s kangaroo fillet, which is recommended rare, Armagnac flavoured duck liver pate with marinated champignons, salt and pepper squids, and mouth-watering finishers like handmade profiteroles and Kahlua-infused chocolate mousse.

The chefs at The Little Snail do consider their trade an art form, and everything in the restaurant down to the signage must reflect this. Danthonia was commissioned to supply three-dimensional, hand crafted signage with palladium-gilded text adding that exclusive look.

Next time you’re in Pyrmont around lunchtime, duck through the door under the palladium-gilded signs for their specialty, Escargots de Bourgogne: “a dozen snails marinated in herb-infused court bouillon, oven baked in garlic butter.”