Web-based software

Our web-based software allows you to change messages on our LED signs from any device, including your smartphone, as long as you’re connected to the Internet. There’s nothing to install, and no IT involvement is needed. The software will work on all popular browsers. Date, time, and temperature displays are standard, with a real-time clock keeping your time accurate. Some other capabilities include:

  • Schedule playlists for certain days and times
  • Schedule the sign to turn on and off at set times
  • Choose from a variety of entrance and exit effects
  • Publish images and videos in all major file formats

 Danthonia LED signs include a light sensor to detect ambient light that automatically adjusts the LED brightness for optimum readability and power consumption. 

Training and Support

Training is free and support is ongoing. Our customer service continues long after your sign is installed, and provides phone support during business hours.

4G Communications

The 4G data connection we offer eliminates data installation altogether. This wireless connection eliminates the need to comply with data cabling regulations and avoids underground cables which could expose your sign to dangerous electrical surges. And there are no ongoing costs associated with using the sign’s software and data connection.

The 4G wireless data connection will keep all traffic from your computer to the LED screen completely secure and protected by SSL encryption. Because the LED sign is not connected to your network in any way, 4G communications will never compromise the security of your local or enterprise network.