Web-based software

Image of ipad with LED sign softwareWeb-based software is secure, user friendly and simple to operate. You can change your sign from anywhere, any time. You simply access your sign (or signs) via our web portal from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. There is no data installation at all and no software installation necessary on your computer or network. All you need to do is log on, create and edit playlists and send them to your LED screen. You can schedule playlists to display on certain dates and at specified times.

4G Communications

image of 4g connected led sign system4G connectivity will never compromise the security of your local or enterprise network because the LED sign is not connected to your network in any way. All traffic from your computer to the LED screen is protected by SSL encryption. In addition, your overbooked IT staff won't have to waste time installing software or troubleshooting. Danthonia installs, applies upgrades and maintains the software remotely.

Training, Support & Warranty

Technical SupportTraining and support is free and on-going. Our service team will give you messaging tips and best practice advice. As you use your sign they can provide continued assistance. Again, there is no need for your IT department to be involved since no software gets installed on your network. Our LED screens carry a comprehensive 5-year warranty. This means that if anything fails within the first five years, we will cover all repair and replacement costs: parts, labour, shipping, access equipment etc.

LED Screen Construction

LED screen constructionFabrication, assembly, configuration and testing all happen at our factory in Inverell, NSW. Signs meet all applicable Australian standards. They are constructed from aluminium which will never rust and is fully recyclable. LED modules, control box and power supply boxes are mounted separately onto a frame rather than sealed together in one cabinet. Passive convection keeps the sign cool, eliminates the need to cool an entire cabinet with fans and saves on power.

Full Colour LED Displays

Full Colour LED displayLEDs or light-emitting diodes create the pixels that comprise the display. Each pixel is made up of three LEDs (red, green and blue) mounted close together and encapsulated in a translucent polymer. This LED mounting method is known as SMD or Surface Mount Device. SMD displays can achieve a higher resolution, smoother image quality, a wider viewing angle and higher colour saturation than traditional LED bulbs. SMD LEDs can create over a million colours. Heat sinks mounted on the back of each module remove heat generated by the LEDs.

Solar Power

Solar DiagramOur solar power units collect energy from the sun by means of a large solar collector and store the energy in a series of batteries. The size of the collector and batteries depends on the size of the LED screen and the number of hours per day the screen will be running. A tamperproof, weatherproof cabinet contains the batteries and controller. Deep cycle gel cell batteries are maintenance-free, non-hazardous and fully recyclable. Unlike lead-acid batteries, these batteries do not need to be kept upright and there’s nothing to check, fill or maintain. They can be tested at any auto repair shop and are also replaceable. Batteries should last 5-8 years. The solar collectors used in this system have a 25-year life expectancy, with a little reduction in output toward the end of this period. No service is usually required other than ensuring that the collector surface remains clean, and undamaged. The system is green, clean and renewable and will demonstrate your commitment to the future of the planet. Solar power avoids trenching and cabling costs and saves on electricity.


InstallationsBefore your sign leaves our factory we will fully assemble everything to make sure installation will be trouble-free. If time is of the essence, we can ship the hardware ahead of the sign so that the footings are ready by the time the sign arrives. Your LED sign will be tested with your SIM card before it leaves our factory. As soon as it is standing and powered up it can be working for you. 4G communications avoids the frustration of data installation. No need for data cabling or integration with your wireless network.

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