Kingswood Primary School Dingley Village LED sign

  • As one of our taskforce initiatives to communicate with our community better, we decided to install a large display screen that would visually reflect the learning at our school whilst being a broader noticeboard to the whole community. We sought an illuminated sign that would carry our brand into the night. The value of branding at our school is extremely strong and we wanted our brand to be on show. In conjunction with other community groups our aim is to use this form of communication to engage our community members with essential community groups that make our suburb what it is. We look forward to using this platform, in conjunction with all our other communication methods, to engage our school and broader community.

    Aaron Cox, Principal
    Kingswood Primary School

This school in Melbourne’s Dingley Village installed an impressive 5-metre tall LED sign to showcase school events on the P10 full-colour display.

The school name, logo and motto are also illuminated from dusk to dawn to increase visibility.

Danthonia managed the entire project, from initial consultation through to installation and commissioning of the sign, while working closely with the school to ensure the best outcome.