Isaac Regional Council Middlemount Entry Sign

The small outback town of Middlemount is located just off a main road in central Outback Queensland. Isaac Regional Council was looking for a way to draw travelers off the road into the town, to experience what the region has to offer.

Council decided to install a monumental V-shaped sign at the turnoff into the town, and chose Danthonia to develop the design concept and fabricate the signage. This sign has 3 pillars that mirror the shapes in Council’s logo and include mining and beef cattle imagery to celebrate local industry. The ‘Middlemount’ letters are fully 3D and have a retro-reflective surface to catch headlights. The sign is also internally spot-lit for maximum visual effect at night, with a discreet solar power system running the lights.

This truly impressive monolith also promotes local Indigenous heritage, with a panel acknowledging the Barada Barna people.