Pub Signs

Pub Signs
  • I love the handcrafted signs that Danthonia designed and created for my Harrigan's Irish Pub at Calypso Bay. Danthonia made my job easier and made my client very happy.'

    Peter White, Design Consultant
    Roche Group

We all know that pubs are at the heart of any community. Traditionally a place to socialise after a hard day’s work, a pub will always have its hard-core devotees who make it a ritual to return every day for a pint and a meal.

Pubs still have to attract new patrons, though, and through the ages they’ve done this with unusual names and memorable signs. Danthonia continues the tradition with our original designs and hand-crafted signs.

Our gilded and hand-sculpted signs help create that pub ambience, along with the traditional imagery of foaming mugs. Our signs are not the cheap and chintzy variety, though, and are crafted from the most weather-resistant materials the sign-making world has to offer.

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