Acacia Motor Lodge Motel Sign

  • “Astronomy's much more fun when you're not an astronomer.”
    Brian May

One of the best places to view the southern night sky, featuring the Milky Way and Southern Cross, is a regional Australian town with little light pollution. Coonabarabran has a few extra incentives to entice astronomers. Located in the north-western region of NSW, Coonabarabran is home to the Siding Spring Observatory which has the largest optical telescope in Australia. Siding Spring Mountain has twelve other telescopes and the world’s largest solar system drive, giving Coonabarabran the reputation of a hot astronomy destination.

It’s also near tourist spots such as the iconic Warrumbungles mountain range and the Pilliga Forest. Acacia Motor Lodge provides four-star accommodation to tourists and astronomy enthusiasts alike and runs an in-house restaurant and café, the Copper Pot.

The text on this pylon sign we created for them isn’t copper, but 23kt gold. A spot light illuminates the sign at night for best visibility.