Motel Signs

Motel Signs
  • The handcrafted signs that Danthonia created for Loxley brings in bookings for weddings and other functions. This investment has been a good one.'

    Paul Maher, Proprietor
    Loxley on Bellbird Hill

Conjure up an image of a motel sign, and you’ll probably see neon letters, corroding steel, flashing VACANCY messages and giant arrows pointing to the driveway.

Certainly, motel proprietors need to invest in signage which catches the eye of motorists, often sleepy or trying to choose between the endless options. But motels approach Danthonia to provide signage which attracts guests with other tactics.

According to motel owners who have installed Danthonia signs, our hand carved and gilded letters, world-class design and custom painted signage brings an increase in walk-in traffic.

Danthonia signs upgrade the overall appearance of a motel - inside and out. From large highway signs to door numbers, we’re ready to design and produce signs for your motel.

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