Harrison School signs

  • I have been very impressed with Danthonia Designs thought out the entire process of developing a custom sign system for our 22 acre site. The finished product they delivered was exceptional.

    Ben Saunders, Building Services Officer
    Harrison School

Harrison School is one of the ACT’s largest and most impressive public schools. Harrison School’s memorable buildings by architects May + Russell house specialised facilities including a dance studio, junior and senior performing arts, gym, preschool and more.

Recently, Harrison School staff noticed the lack of a comprehensive system to help visitors find their way around the large and sometimes complex grounds. The school enlisted Danthonia to help provide a solution. The campus has a central “street” running from preschool at one end to the senior school at the other, providing a natural base for an effective signage strategy. A series of map signs and streetpole directional signs guide visitors along the “street” to key destinations. Each building has a colour coded ID sign which corresponds to colour coding on the maps and directional signs.

The signage suite includes an electronic sign at the drop-off zone near administration. This sign’s unique design is based off of the windmill-inspired logo. The sign’s P6 resolution full-colour screen displays images and messages to parents as they drop their kids off each day.